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Kim Chiu with Dennis Trillo and JC de Vera. A fascinating pas de trois on love and friendship.

The one interesting item about “One Great Love” is that it pays tribute to great friendship.

The characters of Kim Chiu and Dennis Trillo are forever friends but with the entrance of the character of JC de Vera, the balance tilts in one friend’s disfavor.

For once like in previous love stories, the film writer plays around the word “serendipity” with such curious fascination Chiu’s character is transformed into a hopelessly love-driven person.

Even if the stars conspire against her.

She keeps on hoping it is going to be her last and only love (with JC de Vera) but indeed, things are not meant to be.

For this reason, you realize there is a hidden actress in her to make the character look curiously believable. When the heart dictates at the expense of common sense, you know that you have to turn to her best friend and former love for redemption.

At a glance, “One Great Love” has a good story going for it. Chiu makes the character utterly believable your eyes refuse to blink in her daring love scenes. As a good friend, Chiu strikes a good emotional balance between her and Trillo. Her character shines as a friend and plummets into oblivion as De Vera’s lover.

But as one hopelessly in love with “serendipity,” Chiu’s character spins with such emotional fervor you begin to suspect what was in her past that makes her so gullible to every flitting sign of “great love.”

Director Enrico Quizon has a big job of keeping the story interesting even as one character is throwing every caution to the wind. He constantly redefines what links Chiu to De Vera as former and future lover and how she connects with Trillo as a friend. It is an unusual pas de trois on love and friendship.

In the end, you treat going to the movies as an exercise in emotional redux. You see familiar scenes that happened to you in past life and now it is happening again in another movie. You wonder why this character is so dense you begin to suspect she is another character from the evening teleserye on love and betrayal.

By hindsight, it is better to leave the final judgment to the moviegoers.

As a story, “One Great Love” packs a million possibilities and the director simply unfurled the multiple scenarios for moviegoers to choose from. We connect with the character’s field of dreams but and we knock her out for being so trustful. But as they say, life imitates art and vice versa and this movie recalls many characters who gave up a lot in the name of love and friendship

Indeed, some relationships defy reason.

Some edify the true value of friendship at the expense of one possible great love.

But through all its emotional roller-coaster, “One Great Love” gives you a choice to connect or treat it as one of those unlikely love stories. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction because we don’t meet it as often. 

To be fair, the film doesn’t dictate on its moviegoers. Many scenes are lessons on the nobility of friendship and how very well Chiu and Trillo make every moment of it.

Some scenes can look utterly recurring but that is what the story of the characters dictate.

Watch it and let me know what you think.

Regal Films’ “One Great Love” is still showing in cinemas.

Kim Chiu and Dennis Trillo in "One Great Love." The acting doesn't disappoint
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