By By Pablo A. Tariman
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A pianist's life on film in a film documentary. Pablo Tariman with filmmaker Paul Soriano, pianist Cecile Licad, Irene Marcos Araneta and Rustan's CEO and president Nedy Tantoco.

As I welcome the new year, I realize I was right about cutting down on attending parties, not to be seen in shopping malls (except on premiere nights) and not buying anything even for my loved ones.

Through the years, you’ve tried to be one of them as you race to the bookstores -- not to buy books -- but to have things gift-wrapped and standard greeting cards duly signed.

But on this eve of your 70th birthday, you decide you will be yourself.

Thus, you skip the network media party (and miss the raffle prizes) but make room for a media outfit which remains brave against all odds. It is nice to be associated with a media network which can call a spade a spade. But of course, you worry for the publisher and hoping she remains brave and unruffled as she chooses to be right and continues to point out the woeful side of governance.

As you can see, I still write for three other media outlets (including this island paper) but then as you age, you realize it has become a struggle meeting deadline. It used to be that you look forward to deadlines with glee as you know you can wrap it off as easy as that like in your good old youthful days when you live up to the word “prolific.”

But as you welcome the New Year, you reckon you have to part with activities that no longer make sense. You cannot cover all the arts events but make way for one or two. Because if you do, you overspend on transport that you know is not covered by your writer’s fee.

But as they say, hope springs eternal as you vouch for a fellow islander who can give politics a brand-new name. He is so connected with good old family virtues that symbolize the virtuous islander. You know that if he wins (and I know he will), you can look forward to your remaining days with good hope for the island’s future.

I know it is time to write a book (as friends and editors like to remind me every now and then) and I know it is about time to I heed that reminder. You worry about dementia and the one and many awful things that come with old age. While my memory still works, you know it’s time to see a friend who keeps on egging me to sit down and outline what will make for a good book project.

Before the New Year, I am offered a job that will reconnect me with music but with better hope for wider audiences through the film medium. It will be a film about the greatest Filipino pianist who ever lived and what she had to sacrifice in the name of art.

And so, I will do a lot of travelling from Manila to New York where her career started and going to Denmark where her latest recording project will materialize.

It is going to be an exciting year for me as music lover and film enthusiast.

Happy New Year!

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