The problem in the old man’s will
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An old man who had three sons passed away, leaving his lawyer to explain the will, which divided up the deceased’s assets.

Included in the list were 17 ducks, to be divided as follows: “Eldest son should get half of 17 ducks. Middle son should be given one-third and youngest son should be given one-ninth of 17 ducks.”

The sons were able to divide up all the assets but not the ducks. So they decided to go to a wise man who lived outside the village, bringing with them all 17 ducks and telling the wise man about their father’s will.

After listening carefully and patiently, the wise man bought a duck of his own and added it to the 17 ducks kept in the brothers’ cage, where they now numbered 18.

Now, the wise man started dividing the ducks accordingly: Half of the 18 ducks, or 9 ducks to eldest son; one-third of 18 ducks, or 6 ducks, to the middle son; and, one-ninth of 18 ducks, or 2 ducks, to the youngest son.

These all added up to 17, with just one duck which the wise man then took back.

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