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The human brain has enough memory to hold three million television hours.

Giant anteaters eat 30,000 ants a day.

Einstein’s last words were spoken in German to a nurse who didn’t speak German and are lost forever.

After getting out of the bath, ancient Greeks covered themselves with olive oil.

The most commonly-awarded grade at Harvard is an A.

Beard trimming is banned by the Bible.

Abraham Lincoln’s wife was an opium addict.


Extraordinary uses for onions

Eliminate the smell of new paint in your room by placing several freshly-cut slices of onion in a dish with a drop of water. It will absorb the unpleasant smell within a few hours.

Remove rust from kitchen or utility knives by plunging them into a large onion three or four times.

Soothe a bee sting by placing an onion slice over the sting to ease the soreness before seeking medical attention.

If someone feels faint, use freshly-cut onion to bring him around.

It is said that increasing intake of garlic or onions in the summer, or rubbing a slice of onion over their exposed skin, can keep away mosquitoes and other insects.

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