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Cua’s suspension; PD’s replacement
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Governor Joseph Cua went back to Manila on Monday (Jan. 14, 2019) for intensive discussions with his legal team regarding the Ombudsman’s order suspending him from office for six months.

A motion for reconsideration is reportedly set to be filed before the graft investigation body with the goal of having the order lifted soonest.

The governor’s flight back to the big city came just a day after he was welcomed by a huge crowd of supporters at the San Andres port on Sunday.

In his address to the crowd at the conclusion of a motorcade, Cua indicated that the camp of Congressman Cesar Sarmiento, who wants to unseat him in the May 2019 elections, is behind the filing of the complaint.

He cited reports that as early as December 2018, key aides of the congressman had already been spreading information that the governor would be suspended before the year was over.

The solon’s camp is reportedly denying Cua’s accusation.


Almost occurring at the same time as the implementation of Gov. Cua’s suspension order is the designation of Superintendent Paul Abay, formerly of the Bicol police regional office, as officer-in-charge of the Catanduanes police. Before being sent here, he was in charge of the Regional Police Community Relations Division which he ran with distinction last year.

The relief of the former OIC, Senior Supt. Jonathan Panganiban, came as a surprise to many people outside the sprawling Camp Francisco Camacho headquarters of the Catanduanes police as there was no prior notice. It is similar to the sudden replacement of then PD Senior Supt. Felix Servita Jr. who was kicked up to Naga City in place of Panganiban.

Even the police regional office is allegedly unaware of who asked for Panganiban’s relief and his replacement with Abay, who once was police chief of San Miguel town.

Whether it was someone big in Catanduanes politics, or a Malacanang factotum giving in to the former’s request in exchange for support in the midterm elections, the man behind the abrupt change in leadership at Camp Camacho remains unidentified for now.

Incidentally, sources claim Panganiban was not held by his Catanduanes officers with the same high esteem they granted to Servita. It seemed, according to one, that he did not want to be here on the island.


The body of the victim in the now sensational rape case filed before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office was subjected to medico-legal examination by an expert from the PNP National Crime Laboratory last Sunday (Jan. 13, 2019).

A source told the Tribune that someone from the national lab had to be called in due to the unavailability of personnel from the regional office. The findings of the autopsy is expected to either confirm or debunk wild speculations in social media regarding the incident.

    Let’s hope the Virac police at least releases some details of the official findings to the satisfaction of the public and the curious netizens.


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