Rape-slay case linked to shadowy text “clan”
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As the Virac police implemented a new blackout on the incident, it appears now that the death of the alleged rape victim has links to a mysterious “clan” organized and ran through text messages.

    According to a reliable source, the two suspects – Jonard Vargas Bonaagua, 21, and Jobert Manibale, 20, both abaca strippers from Balatohan, San Miguel town – are members of the unnamed group along with the girl who was celebrating her birthday at the party in San Isidro Village which the 19-year old victim, Vicky Maliñana Samson, attended.

    A teenage member of the group reportedly told the police that any clan member can nominate anyone for membership even without his or her knowledge. The prospective member is then sent a “membership form” through text which he or she then fills up and sends back to the text sender.

    All throughout the exchange of messages using cellphones, the members allegedly use code names instead of their real names.

    Even during the group’s meet-ups or gatherings during weekends, only code names are used by the members, most of whom are in their teens with a number of them in their 20’s. The prime suspect is allegedly 25 years old while the other suspect is also in his 20’s.

    The young member who disclosed the information to the police said the group founded by an SIV resident usually convenes on Sundays, conducting meetings or drinking intoxicating liquor.

    It was during the 18th birthday of a “clan” member at the relocation site in San Isidro Village that the victim, a Grade 12 student of the Catanduanes National High School (CNHS), was invited by her best friend, a Grade 9 student at the same school, last Dec. 8, 2018 at about 5 P.M.

Accounts of the incident claim that Vicky, who had not tasted alcoholic drinks, was persuaded to drink during the party. When the already intoxicated girl begged to go home at 3 A.M. the following day, Bonaagua, who is her best friend’s former boyfriend, and Taperla volunteered to take her home to San Juan.

    The suspect made her sit in the middle of the motorbike while the other suspect occupied the rearmost portion to prevent her from falling off during the ride.

    However, instead of going to her home, they brought her to the house of Bonaagua’s auntie in San Roque.

    Inside, Taperla allegedly undressed her and then sexually abused the Grade 12 student, causing her private part to bleed. The victim reportedly could not resist as she was too weak and felt dizzy.

    She was only able to come home after the suspect called up her best friend at 8 A.M. and asked her to fetch the victim in San Roque. The friend brought the victim home to her parents – her father is reportedly bedridden while her mother is a market vendor – but left without telling them anything.

    In the days after the incident during which she continued to attend classes, Samson allegedly kept the details to herself despite her continuous bleeding and only confided to her best friend, asking the latter to keep it a secret.

    It was only on Christmas Day when her brother Victor arrived that she revealed what happened to her. She was immediately brought to the Eastern Bicol Medical Center.

    The victim’s brother reportedly went to the Virac police to seek the arrest of the suspect two days later but was advised to come back once his sister had already recovered enough so she could be interviewed properly.

    The Women and Children’s Protection Desk (WCPD) informed that they could not have the suspect arrested and detained immediately on the basis of the brother’s complaint, as the incident occurred almost a month before.

    The only way an arrest could be made is after a proper warrant of arrest has been issued by the Regional Trial Court where the case would be filed by the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.

    Unfortunately, after celebrating the New Year with her family at the hospital, her condition worsened a few days after and then on Jan. 4, 2019 succumbed to anemia due to blood loss. Her death certificate indicated the sexual assault had lacerated her vaginal wall.

    Last Sunday, the victim’s body was scheduled to undergo autopsy at a funeral home to be conducted by an official from the PNP Crime Laboratory at Camp Crame, Quezon City, with the P3,000 charged for its use to be shouldered by the Virac municipal government.  

    The victim, who was described by CNHS teachers as a quiet student who often sat at the back of the room, was buried yesterday.

    Meanwhile, the Virac police headed by officer-in-charge Senior Inspector Ariel Buraga is calling on other possible witnesses to come forward and execute affidavits to buttress the case against the two suspects.

    The police formally filed the complaint for rape with homicide last Jan. 8, 2019 before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office but had to amend it after it turned out that the prime suspect’s companion, initially identified as Jomar Taperla, was known by another name.

    Among those who have been presented as witnesses are the victim’s best friend, the main suspect’s aunt, and several persons who were at the birthday party at the relocation site.

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