PNP records 34% increase in rape incidents last year
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Sexual violence against women and children in Catanduanes increased by 34.6 percent last year to a total of 35 cases, with two-thirds of victims said to be children, a report of the Philippine National Police provincial office stated last week.

According to the report, the spike in rape incidents came just a year after the local police proudly reported a significant drop in its number from 43 in 2016 to just 26 in 2017, or a decrease of 39 percent.

For the period from Dec. 9, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2018, the police recorded 27 rape incidents committed against children along with eight more incidents with women as victims.

In addition, the period also saw two cases of attempted rapes, both with children as victims, and 19 incidents of acts of lasciviousness.

The report of the Women and Children Protection Desk at Camp Francisco Camacho headed by Chief Inspector Ma. Cecilia Zuñiga indicated that the 27 rape incidents with children as victims were committed by 23 adult male suspects and 11 who were of minor age. The victims’ profiles showed 22 were female and five were male.

While majority of the suspects reached only high school in educational attainment, about half were jobless and a similar number were self-employed.

Three incidents were committed by parents of the young victims themselves, four were done by their brothers and another eight by their own relatives. Sixteen of them remain at large and await arrest so they can face trial while only two are currently detained.

The eight sex crimes against women were committed by eight suspects, none of whom reached college. Three of them were relatives of the victims.

In the same report on 152 crimes against children recorded in 2018, majority (95 cases) consisted of child abuse. There was one case each of child prostitution and child trafficking, while 93 involved physical injuries and other acts of abuse.

The other related crimes include kidnapping and failure to return a minor (1), unjust vexation (12), frustrated homicide (1), frustrated murder (1), child abandonment (1) and murder (1).

A total 165 cases of violence against women were reported during the same period.

Aside from the eight rape incidents, there were also 10 acts of lasciviousness, one sexual harassment, 101 cases of physical abuse, 33 of psychological abuse, seven involving economic abuse, two concubinage cases, and one each of frustrated murder, unjust vexation and rape with homicide.

Only 62 of the 152 cases of violence against children are considered solved, for a Crime Solution Efficiency of 41%, while the Catanduanes police has a higher accomplishment with regards to violence against women, with 110 crimes solved out of 165 cases for a CSE of 67%.

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