Retirees need help
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Retirees – These are the senior citizens who served in either government or non-government establishments. Most of them are now disabled. They receive a meager pension because their salaries were low, and not like nowadays wherein salaried men and women are highly paid. Most of the pensions these retirees receive are for medicine. A little amount is left for their food and other needs. They receive pensions because of their work and part of the money they received for their work.

Now come other senior citizens who did not work for the government or private establishments. They receive pensions. Why are they given pensions? Because of this pensions, they have become lazy. Most of them no longer work. They rely on their pensions. And so, nowadays it is hard to find a laborer.

If these people who are now senior citizens are given pensions for their being senior or old, how about if the same amount would be added to the pension of the retirees for their being senior citizens? The amount they are now receiving are for the work they rendered, How about for their being senior?

If this will be followed, there will be equity among all the senior citizens. Equity for all should reign in a democracy. I believe that is the best policy.


San Andres, Catanduanes

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