Tria’s father calls on cops to embrace their mission
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THE LATE HERO’S FATHER. Chief Insp. Guillermo Tria (Ret.) delivers his message at Camp Camacho Friday (Jan. 25, 2019) during the commemoration of Chief Insp. Max Jim Tria’s death in Mamasapano four years ago. Listening to him are Fr. Reynato dela Rosa, RTC Judge Lelu Contreras, Acting Gov. Shirley Abundo, Senior Supt. Paul Abay, Mayor Sammy Laynes and PIA Infocen manager Edna Bagadiong.

Telling members of the Philippine National Police to love their identity as police officers, the father of the late Mamasapano hero Chief Inspector Max Jim Tria last week called on them to embrace their mission to serve.

In his message during the commemoration of his son’s ultimate sacrifice on the cornfields of Maguindanao on Jan. 25, 2015 where 43 other members of the PNP’s Special Action Force were slain during a botched anti-terrorist operation, Chief Inspector Guillermo Tria (Ret.) expressed his family’s sincerest gratitude to the police and local officials present for remembering their son and his 43 SAF brothers.

“They went to Mamasapano in the hope of making our country safer,” he said. “It is true that they have fallen, but today we remind the people that they are not forgotten.”

The retired officer told the crowd at the Camp Camacho parade ground that he remembers his won every single day and prays that more sons like him would dedicate their lives to the country so that others may live.

“May the 44 brave SAF commandos’ bravery be a mirror of the kind of passion you put in your work,” he urged the men and women of the Catanduanes police, adding that they should wear their uniform with pride.

“Keep the peace for which they offered their lives,” Tria said, “that way I know and I believe you honor the purpose for which they died.”

“As you look at our flag, remember that it does not fly because the wind moves it. If flies because of the last breath of each policeman and soldier who died protecting it and the people it represents,” he concluded.

In his tribute, Max Jim’s classmate at the Philippine National Police Academy, Chief Inspector Von Billy Timuat, shared that it is the pride of PNPA Class 2009 that three of their classmates were among the SAF 44 who offered their lives for the nation.

He said that Macmac was very close to him as they were both battalion officers and belonged to the same silent drill company. “Parang kiti-kiti ‘yan kung sumayaw,” he said of the slain Medal of Valor awardee with whom he shared the same Sept. 1 birthdate, during their time in camp.

Describing Tria as one of the greatest Catandunganons who ever lived, Timuat said special breed of men like him will never just die or fade away.

Acting Catanduanes provincial director Senior Superintendent Paul Abay earlier joined the hero’s father in laying a wreath at the Last Man Standing’s portrait at the flag pole just two meters away from the bust of another Medal of Valor awardee, the late Master Sergeant Francisco Camacho Sr. of the Philippine Army’s Scout Rangers. A squad of riflemen from the 1st Police Mobile Force Company rendered a 21-gun salute in honor of the slain trooper.

During the program, Deputy Provincial Director for Administration Supt. Eymard Gomez remarked that the SAF 44’s final sacrifice have moved and inspired all of them in the police organization.

Present during the ceremony were Acting Governor Shirley Abundo, RTC Branch 43 Presiding Judge Lelu P. Contreras, Virac Mayor Samuel Laynes, and PIA Infocen manager Edna Bagadiong, along with officers and personnel of the local police.

Brothers Ace and William Tria accompanied their father during the affair, which was delayed by 30 minutes after Congressman Cesar Sarmiento reportedly asked the police command to wait for him. The plane, however, had not arrived by 8 A.M., prompting organizers to start the ceremony.

January 25 of each year has been declared by President Rodrigo Duterte under Presidential Proclamation No. 164 as a National Day of Remembrance for the Gallant SAF 44.
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