Indian national yields marijuana at airport
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Alert security personnel at the Virac airport intercepted this morning an Indian national who yielded suspected dried marijuana wrapped in a piece of paper and hidden in a secret pocket.

According to the PNP Aviation Security Group station at the airport, the suspect, Lovedeep Singh, 34, a resident of barangay Buyo, was about to enter the departure area at 7:30 A.M. for his flight this morning via Cebu Pacific Airways when he was told to empty his pockets during the final security inspection.

As his cellphone, wallet and other personal belongings passed through the X-ray machine, Singh was frisked by Security Screening Officer Dickson Magno, who noticed that there was something bulging at the upper part of the Indian national’s pants.

The passenger claimed that it was a piece of paper that had been in his pocket for some time but the OTS personnel told him to bring it out of the secret pocket in the inside of his pants.

Singh complied but then wanted to just throw the packet into the trash can, Magno told the Inquirer in an interview.

When ordered by Magno to open the folded paper, Singh showed signs of nervousness as it yielded dried fruiting tops of what authorities believe is dried marijuana. The Indian national claimed it was just tobacco from a cigarette stick.

Magno immediately called the attention of the PO1 Christopher Carido, who sniffed the dried leaves and then arrested Singh for possession of suspected marijuana.

Upon learning of the incident from Mayor Samuel Laynes, Senior Inspector Ariel Buraga immediately proceeded to the airport and processed the crime scene. The packet of suspected marijuana was confiscated along with a cigarette lighter, improvised tooter inside a cigarette pack, a cellphone and over P11,000 in cash from the suspect.

The suspected illegal drug has been brought to the PNP regional headquarters at Camp Simeon Ola in Albay for laboratory examination before a formal charge is filed by the Virac police before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.

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