By By Rufo B. Tud (ret. Postmaster)
Love Lines on Valentine’s Day
posted 18-Feb-2019  ·  
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They say you are beautiful 
And I believe them.
But when you ask 
Why do you love me?

I have but this answer:
Not for that look
Not for that red blushes
in your cheeks.
Nor for the lovely moving lips.

I love you 
For something more
Than that fading beauty
Of the FLESH!

Talking Boldly About Love on Valentines Day

A phrase from a very sensible writer will stand out in my memory. He wrote, “This is a world of delusion where everybody pulls each other to the dust.”

No greater truth has ever been written. The writer is absolutely right. Man came from dust and so he will return to dust. But, is dust all there is in this world? Is there nothing that may transcend the sick, repulsive and wearying bondage of the flesh?

Did God forget to provide something that may lift our mortal existence to the singing spheres beyond the clouds? For what is LOVE? LOVE is the only thing given to man that can so completely detach him from the harsh realities of this world?

It is only when a man is in love that he escapes from human bonds to the highest realm that belongs to God and the Angels.

Indeed, a love, once felt, leaves an indelible impress in the heart that can never be erased nor forgotten like the proud scars of wound gotten in honorable combat.

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