Don’t focus on what you have lost
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Once there was a famous criminal lawyer. He was very loyal towards his duty.

One time, while he was arguing in the court, someone came to him and handed a piece of paper to him. He read it and looked disturbed for a moment but soon calmed down and continued with the argument. He won the case.

When the case was over, his friend asked, “Something serious?

He replied, “My wife has passed away. I am going home.”

The friend was shocked and said, “How could you continue with the argument in that situation?”

He replied, “I had no option. My wife could not have come back, but my client would have been sentenced to death if I had left at that time.”

Similarly, one should not focus on what you have lost. Rather one should focus on what you can gain. We should not let negativity get heavy on us and should always keep working with a positive attitude.

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