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     British ornithologist Philip Ball was determined to see the rufous fishing owl, one of the rarest owls in existence and found in West Africa. After hearing of an example being righted in the Edo region of Nigeria, Philip traveled to the country and organized an expedition to locate the bird. The tribe with which he was traveling laid on a sumptuous feast for their visitor. Philip inquired what was in the stew he was eating. It was a rufous fishing owl.

    The next day, he took some pictures of local wildlife and went home.


     In June 1999 an unnamed woman took delivery of a new Bayliner motor yacht. However, on taking it out in Lake Isabella, California, she found it sluggish and hard to maneuver - nothing like she had expected. Frustrated and annoyed at its performance, she sailed it to the marina so it could be checked. The engine and propeller were in perfect working order so one of the mechanics jumped in to inspect the boat below the waterline.

     There he discovered the problem. When the owner put her boat into the lake, it was still securely attached to the trailer.

(From EPIC FAIL by Mark Leigh, Virgin Books 2013)

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