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The shabu lab vigil continues…
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Our apologies to the readers and advertisers of the Tribune for the late issuance of the paper, which came out on Saturday, three days after its supposed publication date.

The printer’s machine suffered a breakdown, with the damaged part brought to Manila for repair.

Thanks for staying with us and bearing with this temporary setback.


Alert barangay officials in Concepcion, Virac, together with residents and occupants of the nearby public market, helped put out a fire that nearly started a conflagration in the heavily populated village last weekend.

The fire at the Rioja residence was already out by the time the fire truck of the Virac fire station arrived.

It may be recalled that in the late 70’s a big blaze gutted an entire block of houses at the left side of the market.


This writer extends his condolences to the family of retired Virac municipal electrician Ely Samar, who died the other week due to heart failure. He was an excellent co-worker during his stint at the municipal government, where this writer was municipal engineer for 13 years, that he was named as outstanding employee by then Mayor Cito Alberto. He was the go-to guy at the time when the engineering department had few technical personnel and was a reliable hand during the Christmas Cheers, installing the lighting and at one time becoming part of the evening parade.


Officials from the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Makati City Regional Trial Court, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Administration (PDEA), as well as the lawyer of the two accused, arrived in the capital town last week not to destroy most of the evidence at the shabu laboratory as expected, but merely to conduct an inventory and marking of the evidence.

According to a police source, attendance at the actual marking was limited to those authorized to inventory and mark the pieces of evidence, with most of the police officers sent to the sidelines. Items which have been damaged or disappeared for unknown reasons were noted in the list.

This means the RTC will have to issue another order for the destruction of the evidence. This also means the Catanduanes police will have to maintain the contingent of eight officers guarding the site 24/7 for two years and three months now, at the expense of the public and the farm owner where roaming pigs and chickens have also disappeared during the period.

Prior to the first inventory conducted by the local police that investigated the case in late November 2016, several items crucial to the incident have mysteriously disappeared: a P3-million diesel generator supposedly taken by a law enforcer, the CCTV cameras mounted in elevated areas around the compound, and the hard drive of the CCTV system itself.


    It is fortunate that Virac Mayor Samuel Laynes was able to facilitate the P114.6 million grant from the NHA for the rehabilitation of the resettlement project at Sto. Domingo.

    It may be recalled that the about 24 housing units in the project were completed by NHA in 2005 but wrangling in the Sangguniang Bayan over the provisions of the guidelines governing its proposed distribution to recipients prevented its turnover to homeless families. The next year, the duplex housing units were destroyed by Reming.

    Under the agreement, the funding will cover land development and construction of 340 housing units in the 4.25 hectare lot owned by the LGU. The other half is owned by the provincial government,

    Primary beneficiaries will be those families affected by typhoon Nina, those residing in danger areas, affected by government infrastructure projects, and urban poor families who will qualify for relocation and resettlement under RA 7279.


THE BARBER SHOP. A man walks into a barber shop and says, "I'll have a shave and a shoe shine."

The barber lathers his face and sharpens the straight edge while a woman with the biggest, most beautiful breasts he has ever seen kneels down and shines his shoes.

The man says, "You and I should spend some time in a hotel room."

She replies, "My husband wouldn't like that."

The man says, "Tell him you're working overtime, and I'll pay you the difference."

She says, "You tell him. He's the one shaving you."

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