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The school and in any other work place a leader plays a very important role.  The school principal steers the school towards the direction for the attainment of its goals.  He is the prime mover of educational thrusts and programs.  Vested with the major responsibility to turn individuals into worthy and productive citizens, he has the potential, not only to move the school forward, but to move the whole nation towards progress. Leaders are people who can express themselves fully.  They must know their strengths and weaknesses and how to fully deploy their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses.  They must know how to communicate what they want to others, in order to gain their cooperation and support.  They must know how to achieve their goals.

People have been concerned about effective leadership.  Early researches tried to associate traits such as physical, intellectual or personality characteristics with effective leadership.  While, recent studies tried to identify leadership behavior as key factor in successful leadership.  Leadership behaviors and skills can be learned and changed, unlike traits that are already fixed in the person. 

As a leader he should be adapt to approaches or leadership style that best suit the group, the environment and the situation.  No one style is always better than all the others.  The approach in one situation might be the most appropriate but may fail in another situation.  The situation has a great impact on the success of particular leadership.  Thus, in order to succeed it is important that a leader should examine and understand the situation he and his group find themselves in.  One should find a style of leadership that works best in a particular situation.

Decision-making is a vital factor of a successful leader.  Being a school leader, the principal takes the first move to conceptualize and actualize projects that improve the school’s environment, fosters the pupils’ growth and development and satisfies the stakeholders.  A well accepted decision increases commitment and effective actions.  A decision where subordinates are made to participate in the process of decision-making is more acceptable to the group.  The needs and goals of the organization should be the emphasis of any leadership decision.  Coaching, mentoring, guidance and technical support should never be set aside in order to achieve the desired goal.  Appropriate rewards may be provided as the group moves toward accomplishment of the goal.

People tend to follow a leader who inspires them.  When a principal acts according to moral standards, schoolchildren are bound to follow because they see the principal as their role model.  The leader put passion and energy into everything.  He cares for the subordinates and wants them to succeed.  Great leaders serve the group they lead by creating and maintaining an environment that encourages and supports everyone in maximizing their potentials vis-à-vis organizational goals. True leader wants feedback because they are anxious to know whether their actions with their people are helpful and effective.  They share their leadership strategy with others because they believe in return same positive feedback.  Good leader knows their power flows through the group not from others. Their priority is to help and lead the people produce a good result by ensuring the people know what their goals are and be able to provide support, encouragement and mentor to accomplish their goals and potentials.  People look to leaders for direction.  Once goals are clear, the role of the leader changes.  His job becomes one work with subordinates rather than having them work for you.  Being responsive to your people’s needs sets them free to be responsive for getting the job well done.

Whoever wants to be a leader must learn to follow and be a servant, and whoever wants to be the first have to be a slave.

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