Ombudsman asked to probe contractor-politicians’ projects
posted 7-Apr-2019  ·  
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A representative of Transparency International has asked the Ombudsman to send field investigators to probe infrastructure projects allegedly being implemented by local officials themselves in connivance with contractors.

TI working partner Horacio Villarete also urged the graft body to lodge administrative and criminal charges against the culpable parties as warranted by the circumstances.

In a letter to Ombudsman Samuel Martires, the anti-graft crusader said his in-depth investigation showed that there are many local officials in the province of Catanduanes – from the provincial down to the municipal level – who are “surreptitiously implementing projects in cohort and in connivance with the winning bidder-contractor to my total dismay.”

Identified projects are either the control or domain of the provincial government and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) regional and local offices.

“Such unwanted reality is in gross violation of the doctrine on the conflict of interest as mandated by existing civil service laws and regulations,” he said. “Government servants and workers are prohibited by law from engaging in undertakings which clash or collide with their given position or assigned tasks.”

However, Villarete’s request did not specify the infrastructure projects concerned nor identify the public officials involved.

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