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The Ilawod boys, Jorge and Cesar Sarmiento, in last week's motorcade. The distinguished islanders have come of age and how.

Between the mountain and the sea and under the clear evening skies, the intimate gathering of Viracnons at the newly paved boulevard -- with congressional and gubernatorial aspirants Jorge V. Sarmiento and Cesar V. Sarmiento in attendance -- was part nostalgia and indeed a spontaneous journey into the past.

Jorge, for one, was born in barangay Ilawod in Bato town and grew up still in Ilawod in Virac in that street which is part of San Pablo.

His brother, Cong. Cesar, also recalled his Ilawod days and told his constituents: “I grew up in Ilawod and one of my dreams was to do well so that my neighbourhood would one day be proud of me. After three terms as congressman, I know that my provincemates have more than vindicated me as a true public servant.”

Pointing at the sea, the incumbent congressman added he grew up in this part of the boulevard and can be rightly called one of the original Ilawod boys Viracnon can be proud of.

“Growing up in the island, I know the island problems inside and out,” he told the crowd. “I had this boulevard built because I know that if I don’t do something early, the traffic problems in the capital town would worsen. Once finished, this boulevard would solve the congestions in the main streets of the capital town. I like working quietly. I let the good projects speak for myself. I know the process and I also know I can do a lot by discouraging dole out system and instead confronting the problems using the right process. Because at the end of the day, this island will benefit from thinking leaders, not the kind who appease with short-term solutions.”

His brother Jorge who has served six presidents said he has good memories of Ilawod. In his early youth during low tide, he would venture in the nearby sea and join others looking for edible sea food. “I like remembering how it was to be in Ilawod in the early 60s and looking out by the window and seeing your first crush walking onto the nearby convent school. Our high school days were even more memorable. Those were years of your first crush, the naughty days with your classmates enjoying their early stages as peeping Toms. Those were my glorious days in Ilawod.”

Well, the Ilawod boys have grown up and have lived up to the island’s expectations.

It is now the turn of the islanders to review their May 13 choices and turn to the leaders who did their island proud.

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