By By Rev. Fr. Rommel M. Arcilla
My God is Alive!
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We have just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. A miracle that has to take place as part of God’s salvific plan. It was a triumph of light over darkness, a victory of life over death, of goodness over evil and of Christ over Satan. It was an event which gave proof to our belief that, indeed, our religion is of Divine origin. It has to take place because it is the only way for us to be saved, meaning Christ has to conquer death and sin by giving us hope through his rising again from the dead.

When Christ died and was buried, all the sins of humankind that he bore on His shoulders was buried with Him. It was buried with Him so that in His resurrection, a New Man might be created. A redeemed race was given to us and that is our salvation. His rising from the dead brought us back our divine life and made us sharers in the life of God. Salvation ceased to be just a dream. Now, in His rising, our salvation has become a reality for all of us.

However, in order for us to fully enjoy this salvation won for us by Christ, there is one condition that we must fulfill. The sole condition is for us to be able to really accept and cooperate with this great gift of new life in Christ. This condition is nothing more than our own dying to our very self to that the God in us may live. It is our decision to really make God as our genuine God at the center of our life. The decision to make Him the God of our life is not pre-programmed in us but it is something that we have to work for day by day.

When we were created, God did not require our permission and He never asked us if we want to exist in this world or not. We just knew that we are already here alive in this world and there is no turning back. If life is a journey, we were made partakers in this journey without our permission. We were made to join and accept the challenge and there is nothing more that we can do because we were not given a choice and even a chance to back out. And so here we are, living in this world that is slowly going crazy. We are here (even if we may not want to be really here) and we are competing with one another fervently hoping to bring that crown of salvation and win His kingdom.

We are the ones making this journey and we have the power to make or break it depending on our choice. Let us remember that our freedom has never been compromised in our decisions because we can even choose to live our lives apart from God and away from His grace. In saving us, our decision is required and our cooperation is a must. In saving us, God cannot force it on us but we have to decide whether we really want to be saved or not. Sad to note, though, that some of us are openly denouncing the gift of salvation brought to us by the Paschal Mystery of Christ, our savior. Some of us had decided to play with the devil and we can somehow clearly guess as to their final destiny. It is not advisable to play with Satan because he is very cunning like a serpent and let us not forget that he is has earned his master’s degree in deceiving us. He is the lord of lies, the master of deceit and fake news all around us.

Christ had opened the gates of heaven for all of us! We were saved by the blood shed on the cross.  We were saved by His dying so we may have that life in us. Our salvation is now a reality and no longer just a part of our dream. And so, what must we do now? This is the perennial question that we need to ask ourselves over and over again so it will serve as our guide in our journey of life here on earth. What must be done?!

What we need to do is to make that decision once and for all… that decision if we are for God or for the evil one. What we need to do is to make that decision to make Him the God of our life and, being our God, we must be ready to abide by his commandments because that is the only proof of our love for Him, who has loved us first. If we are now ready to die to ourselves, then, we are also ready to be saved and be a citizen of His kingdom.

We can never be a part of that kingdom by remaining with our old life of sin. There must be a change and there must be a renewal. It is a complete transformation from the life of sin to a life of grace, from darkness to the light of Christ, from death to life in God. Of course, all these things will be known to us in the life after our life here on earth. But we can always have a taste of this life even if we are still in this world, and hoping against hope, this can be the best thing that we can do with our earthly life.

If we are ready to die to ourselves and live the life of God in us, then, we must also be ready to forget and bury our self-centeredness and our sinfulness behind us. People used to be selfish must become generous and charitable to their lowly brothers and sisters. People who are so unforgiving must learn how to forgive from their hearts. People who used to be abusers of their fellow human beings and our natural resources must learn how to be good stewards of creation. People who thought that they are “gods” must learn how to bow down in humility in front of those who suffered the consequences of their foolishness.

This is our only hope if we want to have a better society. We only need to renew our commitment to our faith as Christians, and the fruits of our faith will spontaneously find its way in our relationships with one another and in every problematic aspect of our society.

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