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I am writing this not to campaign on behalf of someone’s political run. As far as I remember, I don’t recall openly supporting, much so broadcasting any political figure in the past.  People close to me know my “A wrong is a wrong; you cannot correct a wrong with another wrong “ line of thinking.  I also believe in a fair playing field in the game of politics, that public service is not a monopoly of just the moneyed. In fact, faced with some limits, I modestly got involved in a youth-inspired clean election crusade recently in the province.

This is not made to eulogize a person either. I am writing this because I feel obliged to share a “mirror” to the public of someone who is aspiring for a very important elective position this coming election.

I am talking about Jorge V. Sarmiento, high school co-alumni at the Catanduanes Colleges.

Jorge is George to us, his classmates. George is our consistent valedictorian from first to fourth year high school – unfair by some standards because his younger brother, Rene, same school but a year our junior, took exactly the same level of excellence up to the fourth year as well.  I remember even in our younger years, George has shown a natural flair to lead, having been in the driver seat on various high school student activities. But one thing I candidly admire this person; is his strength in character and core values as a Christian -  something to current standards is not very common especially those in power. His brand of leadership is integrity, empathy and compassion rolled into one. His benign but firm persona not to mention his very approachable and an unassuming style makes him unique.

Since I have been away and moved into a borrowed culture, I have followed his stellar career. His DNA is to serve, having been appointed on top government agencies under six different administrations, we can only deduce that his “marketability” as a public servant speaks for itself, BIG and LOUD.

I can’t be prouder as a classmate and a friend.

Knowing George pretty well, with his twilight years in public service in the offing, I know he wants to leave a legacy; use his expertise and goodwill to make a difference by taking advantage of his vast connections with who’s who in the society that can eventually benefit our province.

His probity, experience and proven competence I am sure will be a boon to our dear Catanduanes.

He has the pedigree to continue little brother Congressman Cesar’s unprecedented accomplishments.

He has the qualities that can infuse a scent – a smell of hope and optimism to our people especially to the less privileged and the younger generations.

-        Bo Rodulto

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