By By Rev. Fr. Rommel M. Arcilla
JESUS: The Way, the Truth and the Life
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There are a lot of different religions in the world today. The Protestant groups had multiplied and there are a lot more newly-founded religions. These are ways to holiness and ways that govern the lifestyle of their members. I believe that most of the members of these religion, including the Catholic religion, became members of their particular religion in search of a way to possess that joy and the salvation of their souls. Well, in my Catholic point of view, it is obvious for me to say that many of these religions are not a sure way to salvation.

Christian religions have one thing in common. At least, they consider Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. Following Christ is their way to holiness and to follow Him is an assurance for them to attain eternal life and blessings from above. But then, I believe and will always believe that we must all belong to that ONE-FOLD under the care of just ONE SHEPHERD who is Christ. Now, how do we know if we really belong to that ONLY CHURCH which was founded by Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church, as far as I know, is the only Church with Apostolic succession because it is through this Apostolic succession where we can be assured that our Church was the one founded by Christ and continued by His apostles down to the bishops that we have now.

Christ is the only Way to the Father and that way to the Father resides in the Catholic Church. I believe there are other ways to reach the Kingdom of God, but those ways are not always toll-free and passage through those other ways depend only on the grace of God.

The second point is about the TRUTH. The truth about Christ speaks of the truth about God. This truth cannot be compromised with other half-truths because, to believe that God is good, that God is Almighty, that God is love and with all other attributes is absolute truth. We also hold to be true that we were all created to be good and beautiful, as we were all created in the image and likeness of God. But how come that it seems to me that we are now surrounded by all forms of evil, and maybe, by the devil himself. Look at all the fake news around us? This is exact opposite to the truth of Christ. I still believe that majority of the people today are not comfortable with this fake news, mostly directed to discredit other people and fake news about the real status of our land, our country.

We are all invited to uphold the truth no matter what. We are all encouraged to be courageous enough to accept our sins and limitations than to create a make-believe story just to save ourselves from troubles and punishments. Telling lies is one of the sins I hate most and I even believe that it was the reason why Adam and Eve fell into sin. They were deceived by the serpent by lying that they would be like gods if they will eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree.

Who are the present makers, inventors and masters of these fake news and lies? In Genesis, it was Satan in the form of a serpent. In these present times, would it still be Satan but now in a form of a president? But we are in a more dangerous situation now than the creation event because the devil had multiplied rapidly in our times! They are now spread far and wide and it will not be hard for anyone to recognize them… their faces are printed vividly in tarpaulins all over the land.

Well, of course, there are those who really uphold the truth and those who are willing to be victims for the truth. Sad to say that they had become a rare breed long time ago and they are now part of the endangered species of the human race.

Finally, Jesus is Life. We can be fully alive but have no life in us! We can have all the riches in this world, become world-famous and exercise power above the rest. All these things do not guarantee that we have that LIFE in us. Some rich people, especially with ill-gotten wealth and those people involved in massive corruption, I wonder if they can still smile genuinely and be at peace with their own life. We cannot discount the fact that some people had become insensitive to their own sins and they can really afford to still laugh out loud.

The meaning of life is to be fruitful. A fruitful life makes other people alive because they were touched by your own life. To be really alive means to have that JOY deep within you, the joy that can co-exist even with suffering and pain. To have life means you are able to inspire others to go on living amidst the problems and evils, including the devils in this world. Lastly, to have that life in us means being able to wear Christ in our lives show that presence of Christ to all other people we meet each day.

Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE! Let us accept Him in our lives so we may find the ONLY WAY that will lead us to the Kingdom of God, let us accept Him to be the TRUTH that God is a real God of Love, and let us live Christ in us because that is part of our mission as Christians… to proclaim the Good News of God’s love and salvation.

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