Cat’nes poverty incidence in 1st half of 2018 drops to 19.4%
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Poverty incidence among families in Catanduanes was estimated at 19.4%, a huge decrease compared to the 37.3% recorded in the same period in 2015.

In a news release, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Catanduanes Provincial Statistics Office defined poverty incidence as the proportion of families whose income is below the poverty threshold to the total number of families. 

The 19.4% poverty incidence on the island is slightly lower than the figure for the whole Bicol Region at 21.45% but it is  higher than the national average at 16.1%.

Family of five needed P7,377 to meet basic needs

In the first semester of 2018, a family of five needed no less than P7,377 on average to meet the family’s basic needs for food needs in a month. This is the food threshold, the PSA said.

On the other hand, no less than P10,481 on average was needed to meet basic food and non-food needs of a family of five in a month. This amount is regarded as the poverty threshold.

The PSA said both figures are 10.9% higher than the food and poverty thresholds from the first semester of 2015.

Food threshold is the minimum income required to meet the basic food needs, satisfying the nutritional requirements set by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) to ensure that one remains economically and socially productive. On the other hand, poverty threshold is the minimum income required to meet the basic food and non-food needs such as clothing, fuel, light, water, housing, rental of occupied dwelling units, transportation and communication, health and education expenses, non-durable furnishing, household operations and personal care and effects.

Poverty Incidence of Filipino Individuals is at 21%

The poverty incidence among Filipino Individuals in the first semester of 2018 was estimated at 21%. This is referred to as the proportion of the population living below the poverty threshold to the total population. During the same period in 2015, poverty incidence among Filipinos was recorded at 27.6%.

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