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Clarification - To fill in the background with so many details the foreground goes underground.

Consultant - Someone who borrows your watch to tell you what time is then walks away with the watch.

Expedite - To confound confusion with commotion.

Coordinator - The person who has a desk between two expediters.

Conference - A place where conversation is substituted for the dreariness of labor and the loneliness of thought.

Assumptions - We assume the whole thing is doomed.

Activate - To make copies and add more names to the memo.

Informer Source - The person who told the person you just met.

Reliable Source - The person you just met.

Unimpeachable Source - The person who started the rumor originally.

Top Priority - It may be idiotic, but the boss wants it.

Policy - We can hide behind this.

Note and Initial - Let’s spread the responsibility for the screw-up.

Channels - The trail left by interoffice memos.

Confidential Memorandum - No time to photocopy for  the whole office.

Close project coordination - We know whom to blame.

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