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Peace of Christ
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The word “peace” is defined as a state of tranquility or quiet. It is the freedom from disturbance and it means harmony or the absence of turmoil especially among individual persons. It can be presented in two ways: negative and the positive way of attaining peace.

Peace can be attained in a negative way because of fear, anger or sorrow. There are people who would choose to just be silent because of fear of a conflict. Some people would rather keep silent and suffer being abused by others, not because he’s got the blood of martyrs, but because of fear. And so, this silence can mean peace because there is the absence of conflict. Some others can be so silent even if they are so angry because they might just be avoiding possible harsher consequences. Others, too, can be so silent because of sorrow and they would choose to ease the pain all by themselves in silence.

Jesus Christ wants to give us HIS peace, not the kind of peace as understood by the world, but that inner peace of the heart. The feeling of contentment knowing that Christ is in us and He loves us no matter what. This kind of peace is not superficial and it is always coupled with joy in our hearts. We can always have this peace even if we are in the midst of a noisy world around us and even if people on all sides are barking at each other like dogs.

The peace that Christ wants us all to attain brings us all the freedom that we can enjoy. And so, with this, peace, joy and freedom are part and parcel of this kind of peace as offered to us by Christ and no other can give us this peace except Christ our Lord.

The peace, as the world understands it, is simply being quiet and being free from chaos and physical noise or disturbance. A lot of people today are experiencing this kind of peace especially the peace of terror. Most people would choose to just keep silent rather that be bold and loud fighting for our rights and freedom and end up a hero, and all heroes are dead! A lot of people would choose to keep mum be submissive to injustice and abuses just to save himself or other people from further damage and even death. We may have this exterior peace but inside us, we are shouting loudly because of some inhumane situations that we are forced to be placed in to. This peace is deceiving and it is never genuine in all aspects. This kind of peace is never free because we are enslaved by our own fear, anger or sorrow.

How do we attain the peace as presented to us by our Lord? What do we need to do in order to have it in our hearts? Jesus told His disciples: “Whoever loves me will keep my word”. This is the condition of discipleship and this is the proof of our love for Christ. Keeping His word is imitating His life and obeying all His commands. Keeping His words is our only way to attain that peace of the heart and that is the real peace because it gives us the freedom and the joy of being in Christ and united in Him.

If we can only accept the conditions in order to attain this peace, then maybe it can also give us the courage to do what needs to be done especially in this society which is slowly being torn down by monsters like garbage. It can propel us to stand up protecting our rights because doing otherwise runs in contrary to our Christian principles.

Attaining the peace of Christ is not that easy and we may be asked to do some sacrificing along the process. However, there is no other way to enjoy life to the full but the way as Christ wants us to have it. The peace of Christ makes us alive and doing His will sets us genuinely free and joyful in every way. The promised Advocate, the Spirit, will always be our guiding light and He will give us the strength to carry on.

Jesus further tells us: “Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid”. I believe this is one of the surest rewards of keeping His word because the peace of Christ would make us leave our worries behind and just believe that the love of God will see us through. Some people are healed when they started not to worry about their health. Some people lived their lives easier when they started to trust God with their lives and simply follow His commandment to love. Some people attained peace in their hearts when they started to live the life of Christ especially in terms of mercy, forgiveness and love. We only need to trust Him with our daily worries and He will do the rest for us and there will be peace in our hearts, and peace in our society.

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