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I write to you to bring to your attention and to the attention of the concerned public officials the sorry state of the men’s rest room of Tabaco Port.

On April 30, 2019, my wife and I took a Manila-Tabaco bus, arriving at Tabaco the following morning. After a long bus drive, I needed to go to the restroom. When I entered the men’s restroom, I was met by a foul smell, the floor was flooded and all the three or four urinals were covered with cardboards (indicating they are out of service). Going to the cubicles of the water closets is no use either because each of them is full of s--t. I have not seen the condition of the women’s restroom but there is no reason to believe that its condition is different from the men’s restroom.

The Tabaco Port is important for Catandunganons and it is mostly Catandunganons who suffer these kinds of neglect. I will not make any guess why this basic facility in the Port is neglected. I will just make a sincere appeal to Tabaco Port officials and other government officials of Albay and Catanduanes to join hands to make Tabaco Port something that both Albayanons and Catandunganons can be proud of.


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