By By Bo Rodulfo
Post- Election Message for George
posted 5-Jun-2019  ·  
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Dear George,

My wife, just like most, got drawn into emotion upon hearing the not-so-good election outcome on FB. I was not, though I was of course disappointed. Just like death, which I am not afraid of, I treat life with an open mind; much so, to this kind of civil exercise that we know anything is possible.

The just- concluded election validates the hard fact that politics of today is a big departure from what it used to be - a clash of platforms, ideas, and personalities.  It has now progressed as we know it into something more intense.

Friends all agree that you handed your campaign well with style, leaving an indelible impression that one can still campaign with poise and decency behind the challenges of the hostile political atmosphere.

You lost but you won on the battle. You captured the hearts of many. There is another kind of greatness that comes from having tried, and from the well-earned, if often unspoken, admiration from the rest of us.

I salute you for what you have done - you have made a valuable impact on the political system that we all at least profess to treasure. Your political gambit wasn’t enough. Sure, you may have had some other motives, but I know your main reason for running was to serve others and make our province more progressive.

Your beautiful dream in concert with little brother Cesar’s visionary ideas fell short and didn’t sit well with our brand of politics.  You and your group were offering “fish and vegetables “while the majority of our people prefer “humba and beer.”

It would have been a partnership made in heaven. Maybe the effort is not enough. Maybe it will take a generation or maybe change will never happen until money still has value.

As an election loser, you are in very good company. Some of the best, greatest and most decent famous names in history have suffered political defeat. Your five-star public service record, which is larger- than- life, darkens that political misfortune.

Losing the election didn’t diminish even a bit of my admiration for you as a person. Continue as you have been doing in the past to help others. There are people outside the political spectrum that this world needs – you may be the chosen few.

A race run well with dignity and clean intentions can never be lost.

In the words of Indira Gandhi “Winning or losing of the election is less important than strengthening the country”.

Take care, my classmate,


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