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The prizewinning composer’s advice on rejection
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It is noteworthy that Filipi-no composer Nilo Alcala II’s triumph in The American Prize came just less tha a week after he received an email that the Selection Com-mittee of the Sundance Film Music Program did not con-sider him for a fellowship in its forthcoming Composers Lab.

Nolit, as he is known to family and close friends, posted the email on his face-book account.

Said he: “Not everyone would want to publicize #rejection, but I felt the need to show everyone, especially to younger composers, or any artist facing #disappointment, or to any-one who thinks my life is one #win after another --- that as an #artist, with every "win" there's a thousand "failures" behind them but does not mean you failed. Do not be discouraged about rejection (or envious about other peo-ple's seemingly endless streak of #victory). “

“It doesn't mean you are not good enough. It only means that that specific thing is just not for you at that very moment...and it's #okay. Re-member as well that social media is usually a person's "best of" reel -- that short "trailer" comes with a whole bunch of "other scenes" that didn't make it to the final cut.”

On his 2015 piece’s win in The American Prize for Com-position (Professional Choral Division, Major Works Cate-gory), Alcala advised follow-ers to endeavor towards any goal for how it changes them for the better in the process of achieving it.

“I create [music/art] not necessarily for award nor money but because the pro-cess of creation helps me become a little better each day...someone who is more disciplined; constantly im-proving oneself; contributing to society; becoming more patient and persevering; building cultural bridges; be-coming healthier in mind and body (since my body is my instrument); finding ways to express [in art] what cannot be done in other ways; inspir-ing discourse and exercise of thought; encouraging and inspiring others to do the same; creating small positive ripples in this overwhelmingly huge universe,” he said in his post.

If your goal is, say, to be a billionaire, do it for how it will change you for the better and how you can be useful to society...not for the money itself. Whatever your goal is — the “end” is not what mat-ters, he added.

Alcala’s victory in the Unites States should make every Filipino proud, includ-ing every Catandunganon who should know that the musically-inclined Alcala clan of Virac was able to share its love for music to a grandson.


When the Catanduanes police issued its press re-lease touting its accomplish-ments in reducing the inci-dence of eight focus crimes during the January to May 2019 election period com-pared with previous periods in 2016 and 2013, the Trib-une sought a breakdown of the focus crimes so the public could be informed which

crimes were substantially reduced.

It should be stressed that while there were at least three election-related inci-dents during the recent cam-paign, the reduction in the number of index crimes is an indication of the Catanduanes police’s suc-cess in its anti-crime cam-paign. In the capital town, this could be attributed to the increased police presence in busy areas as well as its fast-er response to requests for assistance due to its recent acquisition of mobile assets from the headquarters and the municipal government.

Comparing validated data in 2016 and 2019, the local police recorded far fewer incidents of physical injuries (from 23 to 10), rape (16 to 11), robbery (17 to 9), theft (91 to just 9), and carnapping (9 to zero).

However, murder cases more than doubled from 2 in 2016 to 5 this year, an in-crease also reflected in a similar increase in homicide cases from 3 to 6.

Still, the overall reduction in the focus crimes total from 161 to just 50 attests to the Catanduanes PNP’s resolve and its partnership with stakeholders.


THE THIRD HUSBAND. A man and a woman are stand-ing at a cocktail party when the woman says to the man, “You know, you look just like my this husband.”

“Oh, really?” says the man. “How many times have you been married?”

The woman answers, “Twice.”

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