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A big assignment for Cong. Hector Sanchez
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NPC’s initial attempt to activate its Codon substation and the 69kV transmission line from Codon to Marinawa until Kilikilihan in San Miguel triggered a power outage in the early morning of July 25, 2019 due to an unbalanced loading or incorrect phasing, several sources claimed.

Afterwards, a backhoe of a DPWH contractor working on a road widening project in Pangilao, San Miguel was trying to uproot a coconut tree when the trunk hit FICELCO’s three-phase backbone line, causing a series of brownouts in the afternoon. The cooperative immediately sent a repair crew to restore the line.

Then another interruption was caused by a defective hotline clamp connecting the 69kV tieline of the 10mVA substation at Marinawa diesel power plant.

To worsen things for power consumers, the NPC’s 3.6MW genset at Marinawa and two of SUWECO’s diesel gensets also conked out, taking at least 2.6-mW off the grid and forcing FICELCO to implement rotating brownouts.

The three incidents demonstrate the fragility of the island grid despite the fact that the power output of 16.2-MW is substantially greater than the current demand of 11.68-MW as clarified by NPC president and CEO Pio Benavidez.

Benavidez said during his message at the Marinawa substation event that before any new power is added, probably including the deferred power barge, FICELCO has to sign a new contract with NPC as the power supply agreement between the cooperative and NPC expires in 2020.


Congressman Hector Sanchez has vowed to do all he can to realize his campaign promise to link Catanduanes to the Luzon power grid within the three-year term he was granted by his constituents.

This early, however, his promise has ran into a roadblock as NPC president Pio Benavidez is not keen on the submarine cable power connection.

Instead, the Napocor top brass is suggesting that the Luzon grid connection should be integrated in the proposed Friendship Bridge that would connect Codon, San Andres to Caramoan in Camarines Sur.

The bridge proposal is now pending before the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), which is awaiting the results of a feasibility study funded for P50 million under the 2019 General Appropriations.

Even if the study recommends pushing through with the multi-billion peso project, it could take a few more years to be funded and actual construction would likely happen after Cong. Sanchez ends his term in 2022.

If the NPC mindset does not change, the good congressman may have to double his effort to ensure that the bridge project, along with the integrated power and internet connection, is funded by 2022 so the voters will have extra motivation to elect him for two more terms.


    Our gratitude to FICELCO Director Robert Aquino for the three fat mudcrabs he sent our way during our visit to Panganiban town. We were in the town last July 23 to see the Kinis Festival and agro-fair but missed the program proper as Dr. Rene Reyes invited us over to his private resort and vacation home at Kumagat in Panay island near the Lolong Point lighthouse.

    We had to leave for Panay even before the program started so the banca could depart from Tarahid before low tide.

    Residents of coastal villages using the wooden boats as transport would have to wait for the tide to rise eight to 10 hours later.

    Why this situation has not been remedied until now is a mystery considering the high potential of Lolong Point and the old Loran station as tourism destinations. For Tarahid to remain as a viable tourist port, the channel leading to Babaguan Bay has to be dredged.


ASKING GOD. A man and his friend were pondering the power of God and the reality of life on earth.

    “Sometimes I want to ask God why He allows injustice, violence and evil, when  he could do something about it,” said the man to his friend.

    “So, why don’t you ask him?” the friend responded.

    “I don’t like to,” answered the man, “because he might ask me the same thing.”

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