DSPC ’19 seeks to bridge ‘mile gaps’ in education thru campus journ
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Gina Bonifacio- Pantino
Education Program Supervisor

The 2020 DepEd thrust of prioritizing “last mile” schools has found its meaning in the context of this year’s Division Secondary Schools Press Conference held at Bato Rural Development High School last Aug. 26-28.

With the purpose of discussing and writing about timely and relevant issues, the said event sought to bring awareness on issues that are deemed impactful to education and the community, particularly in the Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA).

The annual event which this year centered on the theme “Bridging Mile Gaps in Education through Campus Journalism” gathered together 917 participants from 43 public and private secondary schools in the province with the keynote Speaker Peter C. Cua represented by Ma’am Agnes Solero.

The said event featured eight individual events on News Writing, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, Science & Health Writing, Sports Writing, Copyreading & Headline Writing, Editorial Cartooning, and Photojournalism.

Group contests on Collaborative Desktop Publishing and Radio Scriptwriting & Broadcasting were also participated in. The first-ever competition in Online Desktop Publishing happened this year as San Andres Vocational School (SAVS) challenged Catanduanes National High School.

One highlight, however, was the parallel sessions on Column Writing and Poetry Writing which were introduced during the conduct of the National Training on Campus Journalism in December 2017.

National winner on Campus Journalism Ricky V. Tid discussed on Column Writing, while the local literary group SURTE introduced Poetry Writing. Both events had a workshop where top 5 winners were selected in English and Filipino category. Bikol language was used as the medium in Poetry writing.

Column Writing was already included in the 2019 National Schools Press Conference in Lingayen, Pangasinan, but only as a demo contest. The inclusion of Poetry Writing has yet to be officially confirmed by the NSPC Technical Working Group.

The top three winners in the eight individual contests, while the first placers in the three group events will represent the Division of Catanduanes in the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) in Legazpi, Albay on  November 5-7, 2019.

The top five performing schools have yet to be announced on Sept. 20, 2019 after the results of the School Paper Contest have been included in the overall pointing scheme of the said event.

Meanwhile, the Division is gearing up for a series of cliniquing for the RSPC Qualifiers to ensure victory in the regional tilt. This is tentatively set every Friday and Saturday starting September 27. It will culminate with a five-day live-in training in October.

The Catanduanes Delegation is the 4th Runner- Up in last year’s RSPC besting all other nine divisions in the region. It is overall champion in the School Paper Contest (Secondary Level).

Here’s the winners of the 2019 DSSPC, with the top three individual winners and the first placer in the group contests earning the right to compete in the regional presscon this November:

News Writing (English): 1st – Flora May Surban (Caramoran Rural Development High School); 2nd – Guiann Carlo Isorena (Pandan School of Arts and Trades); 3rd – April Jane Vistal (San Jose National High School); 4th – Ayle Glyde Tatad (Catanduanes NHS); and, 5th – Christine Joy Pia (Manambrag NHS).

News Writing (Filipino): 1st – Kristine Joy Trinidad (Caramoran RDHS); 2nd – Valeree Marie Estrella (Catanduanes NHS); 3rd – Vanessa Tatel (Bote Integrated School); 4th – Carmela Fonbuena (Magnesia NHS); and, 5th – Shyra Mae Tria (Calatagan NHS).

Editorial Writing (English): 1st – Johanna Mae Dacuba (Agban NHS); 2nd – Jassen Diego (CSU-LS); 3rd – Meileen Joy dela Rosa (Panganiban NHS); 4th – Marlo Badinas (Hawan NHS); and, 5th – Jenric Huidem (PSAT).

Editorial Writing (Filipino): 1st – Joan Diwata (Magnesia NHS); 2nd – Mylee Vargas (Buyo IS); 3rd – Princess Mae Laterte (Bagamanoc RDHS); 4th – Kristine Gail Tabuzo (Catanduanes HS); and, 5th – John Carlo Oclares (Tinaho NHS).

Feature Writing (English): 1st – Michael Angelo Delim (Magnesia NHS); 2nd – Iris Quen Tatel (Baras RDHS); 3rd – Kristel Joy Fernandez (Panganiban NHS); 4th – Darwin King Cinco (Palta NHS); and, 5th – Hannah Camille Abundo (CSU-LS).

Feature Writing (Filipino): 1st – Karyl Tugay (Palta NHS); 2nd – Alyssa Mae Butial (Baras RDHS); 3rd – Justine Ashley Rojas (Bato RDHS); 4th – Carmela Ann Reveriza (Tubli NHS); and, 5th – Sheira Mae Panim  (Calatagan HS).

Sports Writing (English): 1st – Macabio Aloyon Jr. (Bato RDHS); 2nd – Lenette Marie Tomagan (Calatagan HS); 3rd – Ace Daryll Marcos (Immaculate Conception Seminary Academy); 4th – Gwen Myer Tapia (Magnesia NHS); and, 5th – John Ronald Rodriguez (Baras RDHS).

Sports Writing (Filipino): 1st – Ailah Marie Tabilog (Calatagan HS); 2nd – Rinachel Bailon (San Miguel RDHS) ; 3rd – Benedict Soner (San Andres Vocational School); 4th – Marjune Kean Cabangun (Viga RDHS); and, 5th – Daniel Sapanta (PSAT).

Editorial Cartooning (English): 1st – John Andrei del Rosario (SAVS); 2nd – Allan Isaias (Baras RDHS); 3rd – Johannah Louise Alano (Caramoran School of Fisheries); 4th – Oliver Flores (Tubli NHS); and, 5th – Marc Corvin Loria (Catanduanes NHS).

Editorial Cartooning (Filipino): 1st – Ma. Margaret Casimsiman (Panganiban NHS); 2nd – Ronton Onan  (Tubli NHS) ; 3rd – Zildjian Rubio  (ICSA); 4th – Edison Isidoro (Magnesia NHS); and, 5th – John Mark Tardecilla (Bato RDHS).

Photojournalism (English): 1st – Adreana Trina Chavez (SAVS); 2nd – Nathalie Jane Rojas (CSU-LS); 3rd – Denzel Jan Tubeo (Viga RDHS); 4th – Justin Solsona (Tubli NHS); and, 5th – Ver Joshua Saberola (Caramoran RDHS).

Photojournalism (Filipino): 1st – Daphne Wayne Able (Viga RDHS); 2nd – Maria Jhosel Cardona (Magnesia NHS) ; 3rd – Adril Jim Baltazar (Leandro I. Verceles NHS); 4th – Kaye Toledana (Bato RDHS); and, 5th - Don Mariano Marino (Catanduanes NHS).

Science & Health Writing (English): 1st – Rosette Mendoza (Bato RDHS); 2nd – Catrina Camille Marcos  (Bagamanoc RDHS); 3rd – Lhor Therese Santos (Magnesia NHS); 4th – Ara Fatima Tejada (Baras RDHS); and, 5th – Emman Ray Bonete (SAVS).

Science & Health Writing (Filipino): 1st – Hathenah Ibarrientos (Bato RDHS); 2nd – Warren Lagumero  (Panganiban NHS) ; 3rd – Norman de Guzman (Milaviga IS); 4th – Ariane Mae Burac (Tubli NHS); and, 5th – Charlynne Araojo (Viga RDHS).

Copyreading & Headline Writing (English): 1st – Joey Romero (Catanduanes NHS); 2nd – Julienne Andrea dela Cruz (Bato RDHS); 3rd – Christelle Gem Samas (CSU-LS); 4th – Jeihla Marie Valeza (Calatagan HS); and, 5th – Tricia Joy Galoza (Viga RDHS).

Copyreading & Headline Writing (Filipino): 1st – Jamiebeth Ortega (CSU-LS); 2nd – Ivan de Quiroz (Caramoran RDHS); 3rd – Roxann Mae Bahague (Bato RDHS); 4th – Arjay Brizo (Viga RDHS); and, 5th – Mila dela Cruz (Panganiban NHS).

Online Publishing (English): 1st – Catanduanes NHS; and, 2nd – SAVS.

Online Publishing (Filipino): 1st – Catanduanes NHS; and, 2nd – SAVS.

Collaborative Desktop Publishing (English): 1st – Catanduanes NHS; 2nd – CSU-LS ; 3rd – Supang Datag NHS; 4th – Calatagan HS; and, 5th – SAVS.

Collaborative Desktop Publishing (Filipino): 1st – Catanduanes NHS; 2nd – Viga RDHS ; 3rd – Bato RDHS; 4th – San Miguel RDHS; and, 5th, CSU-LS.

Radio Broadcasting (English)

Best Reporter: 1st – Therese Rojas (Bato RDHS); 2nd – Cindy Tejada (Bato RDHS); and, 3rd – Christian Tejada (Bato RDHS).

Best Anchor: 1st – Shun Lee Pantilla (ICSA); 2nd – Dan Tanael (Bato RDHS); and 3rd – Ma. Cristina Lopez

 (Caramoran RDHS).

Best in Technical: 1st – Bato RDHS; 2nd – PSAT; 3rd – CSU-LS; 4th – SAVS; and, 5th – San Miguel RDHS.

Best in Infomercial: 1st – SAVS; 2nd – Bato RDHS; 3rd – Viga RDHS; 4th – PSAT; and, 5th – Supang Datag NHS.

Best in Script Writing: 1st – Bato RDHS; 2nd – Viga RDHS; 3rd – ICSA; 4th – Catanduanes NHS;  and 5th – PSAT.

Best in Broadcast Presentation: 1st – Bato RDHS; 2nd – Viga RDHS; 3rd – ICSA; 4th – Catanduanes NHS; 5th – PSAT.

Radio Broadcasting (Filipino):

Best Reporter: 1st – Gemma Basallote (SAVS); 2nd – Joshua Argarin (SAVS); and, 3rd – Cyreel Guerrero (Baras RDHS).

Best Anchor: 1st – Prince Eustaquio (SAVS); 2nd – Julie Ann Francisco (Caramoran RDHS); and 3rd – Mike Tubiera (Baras RDHS).

Best in Technical: 1st – Baras RDHS; 2nd – SAVS; 3rd – CSU-LS; 4th – PSAT; and, 5th – Caramoran RDHS.

Best Infomercial: 1st – SAVS; 2nd – Mabato HS; 3rd – Baras RDHS; 4th – CSU-LS; and, 5th – PSAT.

Best in Script Writing: 1st – Baras RDHS; 2nd – Caramoran RDHS; 3rd – Mabato HS; 4th – CSU-LS; and 5th – SAVS.

Best in Broadcast Presentation: 1st – Baras RDHS; 2nd – Caramoran RDHS; 3rd – Mabato HS; 4th – CSU-LS; and, 5th – SAVS.

Additional Special Events:

Column Writing (English): 1st – Andy Gabriel Po (Catanduanes NHS); 2nd – Rhea Isabel Bernal (San Miguel RDHS); 3rd – Ma. Rachelle Rojas (Catanduanes NHS); 4th – Jenny Jin Salvador (SAVS); and, 5th – Julious Andre Acantilado (Viga RDHS).

Column Writing (Filipino): 1st – Jamal Concepcion (SAVS); 2nd – Kristine Gail Tabuzo (Catanduanes NHS); 3rd – Noemi Teves (Baras RDHS); 4th – Michelle Ann Balin (Calatagan HS); and, 5th – Christian Jay Dogello (Hawan NHS).

Poetry Writing (Mother Tongue Language): 1st – Nethalie Jane Rojas (CSU-LS); 2nd - Adelmo Rubio IV (Tubli NHS); 3rd – Valerie Marie Estrella (Catanduanes NHS); 4th – Ma. Franceen Rose Molod (Catanduanes NHS); and, 5th – Darwin King Cinco (Palta NHS).

The judging and awarding of the school paper contests is set this Sept. 20, the results of which will determine the 2019 DSSPC overall champion.

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