CSU overall champion in 2019 elementary presscon
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Campus journalists of the Catanduanes State University Laboratory Schools made their mark in the 2019 Division Elementary Press Conference, bringing their school the overall championship in the annual contest.

Division Supervisor Ma. Gina Templonuevo said Juan M. Alberto Memorial Elementary School (JMAMES) was 1st runner-up, followed by Virac Pilot Elementary School (VPES), San Andres Central Elementary School (SACES) and Viga Central Elementary School (Viga CES) for the next three places in the competition held recently at Taytay Elementary School in Virac.

Here’s the list of winners:

Editorial Writing (English): 1st – Jochelle Marianne Ramos (SACES); 2nd – Joshua Santino Rojas (Bato CES); 3rd – Joseph Gonzales (JMAMES); 4th – Shermae Suarez (Gogon ES); and, 5th – Jhonny Lyn Tayam (Gigmoto CES).

Editorial Writing (Filipino): 1st – Mary Elaine Ramirez (CSU); 2nd – Nathalie Princess Olfindo (Viga CES); 3rd - Alexandra Nicole Matienzo (Gigmoto CES); 4th – Gianna Liey Taopo (Gogon ES); and, 5th – Hannah Dullen (Dororian ES).

News Writing (English): 1st – Jannah Marie Pantaleon (Gigmoto CES); 2nd – Iren Eowyn Oliveros (Ville St. John School); 3rd – Richard Lee Chiong (CSU-LS); 4th – Jose Joshua Ariola (VPES); and, 5th – Julius Andrew Terrago (Gogon ES).

News Writing (Filipino): 1st – Jayden Brent Gonzales (CSU-LS); 2nd – Cathy Andrea Ogalesco (Viga CES); 3rd – Hannah Isabelle Tria (VPES); 4th – Myla Magtangob (Palta ES); and, 5th – Juliana Margarita Arcilla (Magnesia ES).

Feature Writing (English): 1st – Jana Antonia Pavia (JMAMES); 2nd – Rossana Charisse Templonuevo (Viga CES); 3rd – Shanelle Mae Alvea (Gigmoto CES); 4th – Judette Robles (Gigmoto CES); and, 5th – Cedrienne Dannielle Alcantara (Bato CES).

Feature Writing (Filipino): 1st – Jannela Rica Cunanan (CSU-LS); 2nd – Frances Gabrielle Timajo (Bato CES); 3rd – Julia Ross Herrera (JMAMES); 4th – Zhiloh Nia Arcilla (VPES); and, 5th – Erve Jade Sodela (SACES).

Photo Journalism (English): 1st – Alhola Li Osorio (SACES); 2nd – Frezhia Jane Gianan (CSU-LS); 3rd – Alicia Fraye Trono (Bato CES); 4th – Jian Franco Rubio (JMAMES); and, 5th – Shiela Aidene Sarmiento (Taytay ES).

Photo Journalism (Filipino): 1st – Erin Mikaela Molina (CSU-LS); 2nd – Jan Castel Galang (JMAMES); 3rd – Marian Joyce Gonzales (Taytay ES); 4th – Jhilrose Leence Nazareno (Virac CES); and, 5th – Adrian Roi Cabrera (VSJS).

Sports Writing (English): 1st – Homer Angelo Chavez (VPES); 2nd – Lourd Arceo Borre (SACES); 3rd – Jade Beatriz Nicanor (VSJS); 4th – Mariane Zerelyn Abundo (JMAMES); and, 5th – Prince Cymon  Tojot (Viga CES).

Sports Writing (Filipino): 1st – Sopia Erika Sarmiento (JMAMES); 2nd – Kheay Ysabel Gil (VPES); 3rd – Dirk Bonayon (CSU-LS); 4th – Cassie Isaiah Ocray (Viga CES); and, 5th – Princess Nicole Bobis (Pandan CES).

Copy Reading and Headline Writing (English): 1st – Alyssa Nina Tapado (SACES); 2nd – Marizia Lyz Molina (CSU-LS); 3rd – Marianne Nicole Olfindo (Viga CES); 4th – Jerleen Grace Bergonio (Taytay ES); and, 5th – Angel Samantha Arcilla (Virac CES).

Copy Reading and Headline Writing (Filipino): 1st – Precious Joan Lim (CSU-LS); 2nd – Kara Andrea Sarmiento (VPES); 3rd – Florian Mae San Roque (SACES); 4th – Francine Nicole Aguilar (JMAMES); and, 5th – Kathleen Joy Rodriguez (Viga CES).

Science & Health Writing (English): 1st - Alessandra Bohayo (VPES); 2nd – Keirah Deighne Santelices (VSJS); 3rd – Emmilyn Beatrice Bonete (SACES); 4th – Angela Mae Tatad (Gigmoto CES); and, 5th – Cedric Andrei Tenerife (Bato CES).

Science & Health Writing (Filipino): 1st – Don Elisah Teves (VPES); 2nd – Shamielle Tabinas (Magnesia ES); 3rd – Mark Rigo Traballo (Bato CES); 4th – Giane Nickole Simando (SACES); and, 5th – Judie Ann Tatad (Gigmoto CES).

Editorial Cartooning (English): 1st – Angelo Joaquin Isidoro (JMAMES); 2nd – Mark Josue Tugay (Burgos ES); 3rd – Stefanie Del Teves (CSU-LS); 4th – Gregory James Quintal (VSJS); and, 5th – Allen James Trapago (Gigmoto CES).

Editorial Cartooning (Filipino): 1st – Kathlyn May Lucre (Gogon ES); 2nd – Arianne Vargas (JMAMES); 3rd – Kevin Namol (Gigmoto CES); 4th – Christian Gianan (SACES); and, 5th – Sebastian Romer Tapia (CSU-LS).

Radio Broadcasting (English): 1st – Virac Pilot ES; 2nd – CSU-LS; and, 3rd – JMAMES.

Radio Broadcasting (Filipino): 1st – Virac Pilot ES; 2nd – JMAMES; and, 3rd – CSU-LS.

Special Awards in Radio Broadcasting (English): Best Anchor – Johanna Patrice Guerrero (VPES); Best News Presenter – Alyssa Marie Romano (VPES); Best in Technical Application – VPES; Best Informercial – VPES; and, Best Script – VPES.

Special Awards in Radio Broadcasting (Filipino): Best Anchor – Lianne Talan (VPES); Best News Presenter – Ma. Abigail Vargas (CSU-LS); Best in Technical Application – VPES; Best Informercial – VPES; and, Best Script – JMAMES.

Chosen as Outstanding Campus Journalist was Shanelle Mae Alvea (SACES) while the Outstanding School Paper Adviser award went to Ricky Tid.

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