Mom’s fears proven right: Convicted drug pusher drags own brother into jail
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Four years earlier, the mother of a suspected drug pusher in Virac had warned her husband against letting their son stay in their house as he could be arrested there and implicate his younger brother.

Last Oct. 20, 2019, the text message that Norman Gianan’s mother sent proved prophetic, with the former believed to be the one who inserted two sachets of medium-sized sachets of shabu into his brother Gerald’s shorts on his way out from San Andres district jail.

Three days later, the Regional Trial Court found Norman as well as his live-in partner, Marichelle Olano, guilty of illegal possession of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia and sentenced the duo to a total of 16 years in prison and to pay a fine of P310,000 each.

The case against Norman’s father, Wilfredo, was dismissed as he had passed away during the trial of the cases against them.

In the 31-page decision rendered by RTC Branch 43 Presiding Judge Lelu P. Contreras on Oct. 23, the police had presented the transcript of several text messages from a cellphone seized from his father Wilfredo during the police raid on the Gianan home along 559 road in Constantino, Virac on June 26, 2015.

The May 30, 2015 message from Mama Nita, presumed to be Wilfredo’s wife, said: “kamusta n kayo? ano balita ky mawel? Lagi b pumpunta jan c Norman? pagsabihan mo yan bk jan majuli sa bahay madamay kayo n Gerald. Musta nkabili na mga gamit c Gerald? tipidin nyo n yan.”

A month later, on June 24, among the text message she sent to her husband was this: “pg sbhan mo c Norman tigilan n nya ang trabahong ganyan kung my pera cya hawak magnegosyo nlng cla ng kinakasama nya at umalis n jan s bicol.”

Two days later after this message was sent, the police served a search warrant on Norman at the family residence. Confiscated as evidence were a sachet of shabu weighing 4.468 grams, drug paraphernalia, seven cellphones, electronic gadgets, 260 empty sachets, a black notebook with records of transactions, 81 BDO deposit slipts, 25 LBC receipts, as well as a body holster, two Cal. 45 magazines, inside holster, gun case, and steel magazine for 9mm pistol.

A day later, law enforcers entered Room 212 allegedly being rented by the suspects at the Catanduanes Midtown Inn along Rizal Avenue as a continuation of the Constantino search.

The law enforcers found a partly opened, big plastic sachet containing white granule believed to be shabu, a small one containing the same drug, 21 partly opened or cut sachets containing white residue, lighter, a Cal. 45 Caspian pistol with serial number 753298 and loaded with one  bullet  in the chamber, 16 full metal jacket ammunition for the same gun,  a steel magazine loaded with 7 bullets,  two empty shells, an inside holster, Swiss knife, empty black pouch, Midtown Inn  receipts, 13 Banco de Oro deposit slips, four LBC receipts, ID pictures of the couple, a 2GB micro SD card and a Smart prepaid card.

Norman, his live-in partner Marichelle and his father Wilfredo were subsequently charged for violation iof Republic Act 9165.

During the trial, the defense presented only Norman, who denied ownership of the drug items seized during the initial search despite repeatedly tried to enter into plea bargaining by offering to admit all the items seized from him in exchange for the freedom of his father and live-in partner.

Unconvinced, the Court noted that his involvement is revealed by the text messages which showed that his parents were aware of his illegal activities.

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