I see the Governors coming and going in Catanduanes since 1998 but...
by Peter Buchner  ·  
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16 August

...the problems remain for the pepole of Catanduanes,continius brown outs,no continius water in many locations,poor healthsystem.
I don't no whats going on but i see a new roof for the Virac Plaza in down town and some pepole telling me it was cost 45 Mill.Peso,i don't know thats true but even for the half of this amount Catanduanes can have continius electrik and its possible to buy 2 big brandnew genarators i think and for the other half of the amount continius running water or free healthcare.Is there something wrong with the money spending in Catanduanes?.Anyway is only my observation as an imigration person of Catanduanes.Hopefully in the future the money for the Pepole of Catanduanes will be spend wisely.
Photo By Peter Buchner
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