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9 May

You are welcome!! Offical Maxthon Fan Page of the Philippines!!! Maxthon Cloud Browser is faster then other Browsers and will working even with a weak signal to get a smooth connection for the Internet! Maxthon Philippines was create for the Pepole of the Philippines to give them a better Browser experience because of bad network connections in the Philippines. Maxthon Philippines was create in Virac,Catanduanes!!

6 May

Since days in Virac and around are Brown outs 6 until 9 hours and the new Governor give no information to the pepole of Catanduanes whats going on! Nothing is change in Catanduanes since the new Governor takes office,its a mess! But there are Police/LTO controlls all over the places stopping only poor pepole with motorbikes never a car and the Police/LTO that controlls is not allways the Catanduanes Police/LTO they are from Naga,Legaspi etc.etc. Is it not a Insult to the Police/LTO in Catanduanes that the Police/LTO from other Towns have to controll the pepole of Catanduanes??Means it that the Goverment do not trust the Police in Catanduanes?? I think the pepole of Catanduanes are happy with her own Catanduanes Police/LTO. This is my personal view about wearing Helmet: To wear a Helmet has one advance only: secure your head, but 4…

20 January

Sana naman may masabi kayo about this. Finally got a cam-captured copy of the Department of Health CHD Bicol Nurse Deployment Project result. It is a consolidated report presented in a table. Col 1. Name of Municipality Col.2. Number of Nurses na kukunin Col.3. Names of Applicants Col.4. Written Examination Score Col.5. Percentage Col.6. Paper Review / Credentials Col.7. Percentage Col.8. Interview Col.9. Percentage Col.10. Character Investigation from One Entity Col.11. Percentage Col.12+13. Sum Percentage Col.14. Ranking Based on the CHD Bicol Virac's presented data, the Written Exam weighs 30%, Paper Review is 25%, Interview is 10% (9.9% to be exact), and Character Investigation is unbelievably 75%, which then outweighs the Written Exam, Credentials and Interview, usually the major factors of getting a…

26 September

....Then don't look for a partner in Facebook or else look there: In case you found someone let me know and give me a littel gift for this exclusive tipp,ha? ;)

16 August

...the problems remain for the pepole of Catanduanes,continius brown outs,no continius water in many locations,poor healthsystem. I don't no whats going on but i see a new roof for the Virac Plaza in down town and some pepole telling me it was cost 45 Mill.Peso,i don't know thats true but even for the half of this amount Catanduanes can have continius electrik and its possible to buy 2 big brandnew genarators i think and for the other half of the amount continius running water or free healthcare.Is there something wrong with the money spending in Catanduanes?.Anyway is only my observation as an imigration person of Catanduanes.Hopefully in the future the money for the Pepole of Catanduanes will be spend wisely.

22 April

You have a question about Maxthon Browser post it there: and be shure you will get an answhere!We the Pepole of Catanduanes need a fast and speed Browser to connect anywhere! You can download the Browser there direct download link: have a fun!

27 March

Then you need a fast Browser! Maxthon 3 is faster then Firefox and Google Chrome! Try this Browser,direct download there:

12 March

Red Mountain Mining: New high-grade gold veins on the surface discovered in Lobo, Batangas, near Manila in the Philippines - 19 m @ 9.77 g / t gold including 7 m @ 23.58 g / t The Perth-based Red Mountain Mining Limited (ASX: RMX) ("the Company", "Red Mountain") today announced the discovery of a new high grade epithermal Goldvene to Lobo, Batangas Flagschiffgoldprojekts within the company.This is located 100 km south of Manila in the Philippines. A continuous 19 m long channel from the surface at a distance of 1 m were sampled showed epithermal quartz-barite veins t a section of 19 m @ 9.77 g / t gold including zegite 7 m @ 23.58 g / t gold and including 0.8m @ 94.78 g / t gold. The vein is located at the western end of an extensive zone of anomalous gepchemischen gold soils on Ulupong-Sawahan extending over mahr than two…

12 March

by Peter Buchner The deployment of Filipino Nurses to Germany was the major discussion made during a meeting ofAmbassadorMaria Cleofe Natividad with the officials of theFederalEmployment Agency, International Placement Services (ZAV) last March 8 held atBonn. Monika Varnhagen, director for the ZAV, and Annette Tigges-Thies, head of Division forLabourMigration and Work Permits were the ones who received theAmbassador. The formalization of the arrangement for the deployment, then together with the signing would then be witnessed by German Minister for Labor and Social Affairs Ursula von der Leyen during her upcoming visit to the . Germany’s plan has the so called, “triple win…
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