Virac Catanduanes,no Power from Ficelco but Police/LTO controll all over the place! Why the new Governor is not acting??
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6 May

Since days in Virac and around are Brown outs 6 until 9 hours and the new  Governor give no information to the pepole of Catanduanes whats going on!  Nothing is change in Catanduanes since the new  Governor takes office,its a mess!
But there are Police/LTO controlls all over the places stopping only poor pepole with motorbikes never a car and the Police/LTO that controlls is not allways the Catanduanes Police/LTO they are from Naga,Legaspi etc.etc. Is it not a Insult to the Police/LTO in Catanduanes that the Police/LTO from other Towns have to controll the pepole of Catanduanes??Means it that the Goverment do not trust the Police in Catanduanes?? I think the pepole of Catanduanes are happy with her own Catanduanes Police/LTO. 
This is my personal view about wearing Helmet:
To wear a Helmet has one advance only: secure your head, but 4 disadvances: 1. you can't good see around. 2. you can not good hear. 3. you get dizzy from the heat and you can not good fix on the traffic.
4. when you count point 1,2,3 together its very possible that a Motorbike driver with Helmet create more accidents then the one without Helmet
Any comments are welcome!!! Thank you very much!
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